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Endorsed by credibility of individual and institution data, JAC applies blockchain technology to build education admission communities in the world, promoting distributed dissemination of premium education information!
Everyone is recruiter! JAC: Global Education Flow EntranceUnicorn!

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JAC Project

Based on blockchain technology, JAC is a project of education flow platform. It is developed and operated by JAC Foundation.

Issues solved

What JAC uses to deal with asymmetric information, high credibility costs and inefficient dissemination of education admissions is three major features of blockchain. They are decentralization, irrevocable information and smart contracts.

JAC Functions

JAC spreads premium education information effectively between community entities and individuals, as well as between individuals and individuals. It increases the information audiences and admission quantity through an incentive mechanism in dissemination, applications, enrollments and other education ecological scenes.

JAC Background

Flow entrance admission is the key to educational institutions. As shown in annual financial reports of the listed companies of Tarena Technology and 51TAIK, admission expenses in educational institutions generally account for 20% to 40% of total tuition; in this project, admission incentive fee of JAC Chinese cooperative agencies for many years is basically 25% to 40% of tuition. It may reach 50% to 60% in some private universities, professional schools and training agencies. Educational institutions suffer from not only information that can be easily obtained by learners, but also high admission costs.

Why JAC will be the unicorn of flow entrance in education industries? JAC operator, Beijing Joint Admissions Institution, has been working in this industry for 16 years. It established and operated China Joint Admissions Organization and Joint Admissions Organization. Therefore, it understands education and students very well. Four stages are involved:

  • 01

    Stage I

    Joint admission institutions solved asymmetric studying information through franchise chain consultant centers all over the country from 2002 to 2008.

  • 02

    Stage II

    Admission information developed from asymmetry to overload from 2008 to 2014; promotion costs increased significantly.

  • 03

    Stage III

    Admission credibility costs rose and credit was missing from 2014 to 2017; Through industrial investigations and training project operations, joint admissions confirmed that most admissions in excellent educational institutions came from WOM.

  • 04

    Stage IV

    The development of blockchain reaches a new high in 2018. Its core technology slashes credibility costs. Smart contract optimization makes every carrier or individual a promotion point. Data on each single chain is a credibility endorsement. Under that circumstance, the team puts forward JAC of blockchain projects, aiming to make it an industrial unicorn.


JAC is the first implemented application project of blockchain education flow entrance in the world. Neither does JAC spread education contents or courses, nor does it make fraud comments. It is only a carrier of credibility endorsement to promote distributed dissemination of premium education projects fast. It is the ultimate target of JAC education ecosystem that everyone is a recruiter.

Peer-to-peer Dissemination

Credibility costs will be slashed through peer-to-peer information dissemination. The best credibility endorsement for each admission information disseminator will include his enrollment, study, employment and other chain data. Credibility will be enhanced by peer-to-peer dissemination.


JAC Token will increase in true value since it is widely used in education ecology. Design and implementation of JAC smart contracts rely on dissemination of education admission information, reading, acceptance, entry authentication, study rewards and other JAC intermediaries.

Values of Token

Individual disseminator will be rewarded countless tokens from training institutions and schools. The number and level of tokens depend on different stages of information dissemination, student acceptances and school entry stages.

JAC Visions

It has been dedicated to education industries for years and has gathered considerable education resources. JAC focuses on the flow entrance of education industries. JAC aims to turn everyone into a recruiter.

Ecosystem Establishment

JAC will establish a self-marketing educational ecosystem endorsed by individual and institution credibility.

Create A Self-marketing Channel

A global self-marketing channel of educational institution flows will be established against industrial issues.

Admission Cooperation Platforms

Stimulated by expensive reward mechanism, JAC flows freely. JAC community will become a distributed admission cooperation platform, which is outstanding and high-efficient. It will be preferred by mainstream educational institutions. All schools and subchain of interest, profession, etc. will be linked to JAC in the long-term planning.

The Team

The team was born from the joint admission company which was founded in 2002. It has been engaged in promoting admissions in education industries. Additionally, it has helped almost millions of students select schools during the recent 16 years, which has brought admission flows to nearly thousands of educational institutions. Over 1,200 franchise chain admission centers have been built nationwide, attracting almost 20,000 recruiters. Years of experience and concentration push forward the joint admission company. In addition, blockchain technology and core advantages precisely solve admission industrial problems such as information track, credibility endorsement and data authentication. JAC will continue to give play to its 16-year experience in project practical experience to create a best flow entrance of education industries with blockchain technology! At the same time, educational institutions, students, and information disseminators can all obtain considerable token rewards in the admission system. The team of JAC are full of confidence, competence and passion to make it larger and stronger!(The team members are core members in the initial stage of the project,and those who leave or join the project in the later stage will not be announced separately.)

Jack Zou

Founder of JAC

Initiator of JAC Foundation, founder of China Admission Organization, Joint Admission Organization and Beijing Zhongguanxincai Technology. 18-yearof education admission experience; own over 1,200 admission chain centers, manage nearly 20,000 recruiters and earn an annual turnover of 2 billion yuan at most; well-known educational marketing expert; Angel investor; early enthusiast of bitcoin and blockchain.

Rush hasan(American)

JAC Co-founder & Architecture Director

Director of Singapore JAC Foundation, American Development Senior Engineer and Technical Support Director of Bosch Group; Over 20-year experience of software development and operation & maintenance management; Senior Engineer of blockchain technology; Chicagoan.

Jun jian


Engaged in blockchain technology development five years ago. Used to lead a technical team with over 60 people. Participated in and developed over 10 blockchain projects, including fork of bitcoin, public chains, Dapps and so on. Six of them have been listed on mainstream exchanges. Proficient in mainstream market development technology. Weibo KOL in technology with millions of followers.


JAC American Community Operator

USC Half-Award Master in University of Southern California, chairman of the Southern California Chinese Alumni Association, president of the Nottingham University Alumni Association, employed in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in America, enthusiast of bitcoin and blockchain.

William Lin

JAC Co-founder Community Director

Community Operations Specialist, B20 Global Community Sponsor. Won the second prize in the blockchain hackathon. He has participated in the construction of many blockchain projects in China and overseas communities. Token economic researchers have designed Token circulation and distribution for multiple blockchain projects. Early investment blockchain project, blockchain technology depth enthusiasts.

Wang Lihui

JAC Co-founder & Director of Operations

Co-founder and Director of Operations of Joint Admission Organization, founder and campus principal of Zhongguanxincai; manager of over 1,000 admission consultant chain centers nationwide; experienced in channel construction and network operation.

Ming Lee

JAC Co-founder & Japanese Community Operator

Master of Laws in University of Tokyo; Tokyo's continuous entrepreneur, foreign exchange investment expert and international legal expert, early Bitcoin investor and enthusiast of blockchain technology.

Advisers and Support

Liu Zeyin

JAC Big data Technology Consultant

Senior big data lecturer of Zhongguanxincai, head of financial operation & maintenance course; former big data operation and maintenance engineer of China Development Bank, QA; data marketing manager of LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd., a listed company.

Qin Yan

JAC Ecologic Consultant

Ecosystem and Strategic Cooperation Director of IBM China Channel. 20-year working experience in IBM. Senior expert in technology and channel strategy. Consultant of JAC ecological strategy development.

Fan Jialong

JAC Business Consultant

Nine-year expert experience in investment and financing. Assist to complete the equity financing of dozens of small and medium-sized companies. Adept at the collaboration of traditional projects and blockchain technology, incentive rules and business model design. Participate in and dominate the token issue and first-class exchanges listing of more than 10 blockchain projects.


JAC Safety Consultant

Core development engineer of a well-known exchange wallet, safety engineer; former project manager of Datang Telecom, senior engineer; famous special Linux lecturer of a listed company, blockchain safety expert.

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